L Arginine Supreme

House Formula #17

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Cardiovascular Heart Health and Blood Flow

Ingredients: Nitric Oxide Blend (L-Arginine (6g), L-Citrulline (1.2g), Beet Root Powder, Vinitrox® Active Grape & Apple Polyphenols, Grape Skin Extract), Tartaric and Citric Acid, Natural Sweetener Blend (Erythritol, Stevia Leaf, Luo Han Guo “Monk Fruit” Extract), Natural Flavor Blend (Containing Pomegranate, and Wild Berry), Natural Color (From Fruit and Vegetable), Silica ( as Calcium Silicate), Ascorbic Acid, Trace Minerals, Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol), Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12 ( as Methylcobalamin)

Featured R&D techniques

  • fresh natural flavor
  • smooth taste up-front
  • sweet taste on the back-end
  • beautiful natural color

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example of private label

Product: L- Arginine Supreme

Category: General Health

Subcategory : Heart health and blood flow

Flavor: Pomegranate Berry

Features: Power "Nitric Oxide" formula with a clinical dose of L-Arginine (6g) & L-Citrulline (1.2g)Enhanced with trace minerals, folate, methylcobalamin b12 & clinically studied "Vitrinox", great taste, instant mixing, all natural

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  • All Natural, Great Tasting
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Helps Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Regulate Healthy Blood Flow
  • Supports Healthy Arterial Function
  • Supports Energy Levels
  • Supports Healthy Muscle Development
  • Speeds Muscle Recovery
  • Helps Regulate Healthy Kidney Function
  • Supports Healthy Immune and Hormone Function